I’m the many-armed warrior queen of clubs today, how about you?

a queen of clubs playing card; the queen has four arms and is carrying a bow & arrow, a sword, a spear, a man's head, and a flame

At The Fire Works, we wanted a fun, visual way to indicate if our coworkers could talk to us our not. Sometimes, people need to put their heads down and get stuff done. Which makes sense! It’s a work space, and people working here ought to feel more productive than they do at home. However, we also want a culture where people are encouraged to talk to each other.

At Indy Hall, they came up with a fun way to walk this fine line: scattered around the space are Brazilian steakhouse-style coasters. On one side, these coasters are green and say “coworking”, and on the other they are red and say “working”. Unfortunately, in my experience, these coasters are not widely used at Indy Hall.

We’re hoping for better results here at The Fire Works, and part of how we hope to accomplish that is by making it more fun. Right near the top of the steps where you come in, you’re greeted by this:

A container mounted to a wall holding a bunch of playing cards, the one in front a Joker with a drawing of a grim reaper. Above this, a hand-drawn sign that says Can I interrupt you? Grab a card and if you're 'in the zone' & need to get stuff done, leave it face-down and everyone will know not to bother you. Otherwise, face up!

The playing cards were a perk from a Kickstarter project called Draw Like A Boss, and are utterly fantastic, as you can see. There’s a sea monster attacking a blimp, a man with a dog at is feet and a rat on his head, a pirate jack, and much more.

So! Will people tend to have their go-to card? Will someone come to be known as the Queen of Hearts? Or will people mix it up every day, some days feeling like a dragon king and on other days feeling like a samurai jack? I can’t wait to find out!

And of course, if you want to play cards, there’s a complete, spare deck on the coffee table.

over-the-shoulder shot of an amazingly good poker hand


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