AngularDart vs. Coffeescript + AngularJS: How Dart won over Coffeescript halfway through the game

About a month ago, I attended a Dart Flight School with the Philly JavaScript Developers meetup. As someone embroiled in “optimized for developer happiness” languages like Ruby and Coffeescript, I found it easy to make fun of Dart’s superficial ugliness. @NgController declarations lol! Why are they making me use this crappy Eclipse editor? And srsly, what’s with the semicolons?

I wanted to give Dart a fair chance. Victor Savkin, who used to blog about Ruby and make cool projects with it, had started raving about Dart, and it made me curious. Still, writing all of those semicolons and curly brackets made me wonder what the same simple little app would look like in Coffeescript and AngularJS.

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